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How we guide your event

Our DJs are adept at guiding the event from the beginning to the end, without causing any interruptions in the flow of the event. They carry the event forward by being friendly and courteous with the crowd and accepting music requests that come their way. They are also adept at making speeches, toasts and creating fun-filled environment without disturbing the timeline of the event. They are flexible and communicate with other people working on the wedding, like the wedding photographers, wedding planners, caterers and venue managers and tailor their program accordingly. We take it as our responsibility to make the event a memorable one, without causing any hiccups. It will be a perfect dance night for you and your guests.

Music mixes

As mentioned earlier, we spin all kinds of music, be it Pop, Classical, Country, Hip hop, Electronic, African, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock or Metallica. From soft melodies to energetic metal music, we have it all. We update our music library from time to time, keeping track of the latest music trends. We give you the music that creates the mood you wish for. We assure you that we keep the groove up till the very end, so all you have to do is enjoy the music and dance.

Our equipment

We own the latest and best DJ turntables, mixers, amplifiers, audio interfaces and microphones. Cordless mikes are provided to anyone who wants to speak from the crowd. We also bring other equipment like fog machines, strobe lights, confetti cannons and bubble machines for creating a lively, colorful and exciting environment. We also employ special effects like pyrotechnics on request. We can arrange and configure the equipment outdoors or indoors, depending on the venue. We also provide state of the art karaoke machines so that your guests can have a best singing experience. We also bring along back up equipment so that the party wouldnt be interrupted by technical problems.

How we make you dance

Our DJs know that they have been hired for the dances and not to make a spectacle of themselves. Their main task is to focus on how the dancers react and render out the music accordingly. Their goal is get hold of the pulse of the crowd and make them swoon to their tunes.

The wedding couple goes to great lengths to perform the wedding dance perfectly by hiring wedding choreographers. Our DJs know it is their responsibility to tailor the perfect music for the couple to dance. They tailor the music depending on the kind of dance the couple is going to perform.

For instance, some kind of dances like salsa and polka require lots of energy and quick moves from the dancer. If the energy is supplied by the music, it charges the dancer and the dancing feels effortless. If the music doesnt supply the energy, the dancer needs to put in a lot of effort to get the moves right.

Our DJs know what kind of music makes people dance. They know just the music mixes that would amp up your wedding celebrations. People tend to dance easily when they hear a beat. So, we make sure that the equipment produces a clearly audible beat, such that it doesnt get mixed in the noise of the crowd. Also, fast music is hard to dance to, as it makes people tired and slow music doesnt supply enough energy for dancing, making the environment lethargic. So, we see that our music is danceable- not too fast and not too slow. Playing a song for too long may bore the crowd; so we see that a song is of the right length for the people to dance. We know how to set the mood of the event.